The faces in Target Archery come in a variety of sizes, 122cm, 80cm, 60cm and 40cm, but all of them are comprised of 5 colour bands (GOLD, RED, BLUE, BLACK and WHITE) each of which is divided into two zones, except for the Gold which is divided into three zones. There are two scoring systems, METRIC and ENGLISH.

If you are shooting a Metric round scoring is as follows.

scoring metric

If you are shooting an English round scoring is as follows.



For every round you shoot you will need to complete a score sheet, these can be found in the cabinet next to the door. There are different sheets for Metric, English and Indoor rounds, so make sure you select the correct one.

The score sheets have to be completed correctly with all the relevant information; if you fail to do this then the Records Officer will reject the sheet. This could mean you miss out on a classification; club record etc.; so please make sure the sheet is completed as shown in the examples below.

Scores are placed in the boxes, one arrow value per box, working from left to right, top to bottom. The number of scoring arrows is totalled at the end of each dozen, together with the number of arrows recorded as Golds (English rounds), 10s & Xs (Metric rounds). All misses are to be recorded on the score sheet with an 'M'.

Completed score sheets are to be placed in the boxes provided next to entrance door.


English Score Sheet

English Score Sheet

Metric Score Sheet

Metric Score Sheet

Download Score Sheets