Due to an injury Michael Gordon can no longer take part in Archery so reluctantly he is looking to sell his bows.


First we have the Adrian Hayes Longbow, it’s a three laminate Bamboo, Ipe & Ipe woods and is 50llbs at 29 draw.  The arrow pass is inlayed for a left handed archer but tape or other item can be placed for right handed (its what I had to do with my first longbow as no left handed were available).  I will include the set of arrows I was using with this but they are not the ones pictured with the bow, they are the set in with the third picture as they are smaller in size.  Bow is in great condition and was rarely used and hasn’t been at all for a couple of years. 

The arrows are the set with the Orange / Yellow fletching’s and are 28.5 total 27.5 nock to end of shaft, 6 in total


The second bow I have is a Toth Avar horse bow again its 50llbs at 29 draw and has arrow pass placed on either side the bow is in great condition and has only been used a handful of times as I got injured shortly after buying.  The leather and wrappings are all great. 

Again I have a set of arrows, 6 with this they have purple & black fletching s and are 28.5 total 27.5 nock to end of shaft



Lastly I have another little horse bow which is really fun to shoot, really light and has probably seen the most usage it’s a Kaya KTB again this is 50llbs but doesn’t feel like it at all, and yes a set of arrows will be included, they are little john arrows (orange fletching in the first pic) 30 total 29 nock to end of shaft and there are 8 in total.


Looking for £300 for this set.


Looking for £150 for this set.


Looking for £100 for this set.


If you are interested please contact Michael on 07475355053 or email him at



Max Ives-Keeler, a Master Bowman and former Cheshire County Champion, is selling quite a lot of mainly Longbow equipment, which will be very good, due to an injury.


Here is a list of the equipment he has for sale


All weights are for a draw length of twenty seven and a half inches


*       Rod Lyons bow, 5 years old 48lb draw weight, £100 tournament 60 yds. down

*       Rod Lyons bow, 3 years old 5olb draw weight, £150 tournament 100 yds. down

*       Rod Lyons bow, 2 years old 55lb draw weight, £150 tournament 100 yds. down

*       Old Bickerstaffe bow, 40lb draw weight my old indoor bow

*       Old Bickerstaffe bow, 48lb draw weight,  £40 suitable for occasional use or someone new to longbow


*       Small pop a bivy (1 man ) tent, £20

*       Ornate leather quiver with belt  knife water bottle carrier arrow puller and leather bracer with Cheshire wheatsheaf inlay, £30


Max also has a few sets of arrows for sale, all around £25 a set

For full details ring Max on 01260 271434


Brian Rosenberg is selling the following arrows with the proceeds being donated to the Junior section of the club, and if possible to be used to promote Longbow Target archery.

For further information about the arrows please email Brian at

He has five boxes of arrows for sale, plus three similar empty arrow boxes and five cardboard arrow tubes.

Cheques to be made payable to “Stalybridge Archery Club”. Cash can be paid directly to a senior committee member.


All arrows are 29.5 inches in length and in the boxes in which they are photographed.


Lot 1:      contains 12 (11 32s) Littlejohn/John Catley, impossible at present to order, lovely Purple field fletch c450 grains each.              Price £45.00


Lot 2:      as above but 13 arrows.              Price £48.00


Lot 3:      12 mint, never been shot Blue and White Richard Head "Clout Fletched" (23 64s) a little heavier than above.              Price £55.00


Lot 4:      16 amazing Richard Head (23 64s) blue and white field fletched about 550 grain.

              These are very similar to the blue and orange arrows I shoot at anything from 20 to 100y and will not deviate in bad weather. Price £65.00


Lot 5:      A mixed bag. Firstly, 7 truly mint Littlejohn purple/pink fletched (5 16s) about 400 grain and 8 Richard Head ASH (23 64s) which weigh about a stonking 670 grain, and perfect for atrocious weather or indoors, especially if you want to get your own back on a Compound archer!

                                                                                                                                                                                           Price £45.00


Lot 6:      The three empty plastic arrow boxes and five cardboard arrow tubes (with plastic caps)              Price £10.00




2 Sets of Recurve Equipment for Sale

The equipment shown below is for sale by Jon. If you wish to have a look at the equipment Jon is able to bring them down to the club anytime to suit.

To contact Jon please ring 07895664661.

25" SF Premium Riser

1 x set SF AXIOM  Limbs 28Lbs

8 x 29.5" Easton Platinum Plus XX75 1816 Arrows

2 x Strings

1 x Cartel Sight

1 x Pressure Button

1 x SF Bracing Gauge

1 X Bow stand

2 x finger tabs

2 x arm guards

1 x finger sling

1 x Cartel Quiver

1 x Bow stringer

1 x Avalon Chest Guard

1 x Hard carry case with foam inserts

1 x Set of  tools for bow

25" SF Forged Plus Riser

1 x set SF Elite Fibre foam Limbs 20lbs

1 x Cartel doosung carbon stabilising long rod.

8 x 32" Easton Neos XX75 1618 Arrows

2 x Strings

1 x Cartel Sight

1 x Pressure Button

1 x SF Bracing Gauge

1 X Bow stand

1 x finger tabs

1 x Bow stringer

1 x Avalon back pack carry case with limb covers and arrow case



Sold-stamp[1]Longbows for Sale

Brian Rosenberg is selling 2 longbows, on behalf of his son Daniel, if anyone is interested please contact Brian.


Both bows are in superb condition.

The first is a top of the range four laminate Bickerstaffe, 50# @ 28 inches, but tillered to more.

The second is an Aidy Hayes triple lam' marked as 52# @ 28 inches, but it's more like 45#. Again, tillered to a little more.

They must go to a good home, and Daniel will accept considerably less than the new cost.

I will also throw in some superbly matched, excellent, Richard Head arrows to sweeten the deal. Some of the arrows have never been shot and are mint!