This policy complies with General Data Protection Regulation, May 25th 2018, which replaces the Data Protection Act 1998.


Stalybridge Archery Club is committed to protecting your personal information. This notice explains how we collect and use the personal information about you.


The club is affiliated to:


•              Archery GB (AGB)

•              Northern Counties Archery Society (NCAS)

•              Cheshire Archery Association (CAA)


When seniors (18+) enrol on the beginners course or join/renew their membership we collect the following details:


•              Full name

•              Postal address

•              Email address

•              Telephone number

•              Gender

•              Date of birth


In the case of juniors (under 18) we ask for the email address & telephone number of parents/guardians.

If you visit our website,, the site does not collect any information.


You may choose to declare yourself disabled if applicable. You will not be asked about or be required to reveal the nature of that disability; AGB & NCAS have lower membership fees for those self-declaring a disability. Only the Treasurer and Secretary will need to know this information


When you become a member of Stalybridge Archery Club or renew your existing membership you will automatically be enrolled as a member of AGB, NCAS & CAA, unless you are already a member of any of those bodies.


We will pass on your personal data to AGB, which they will use to enable you to access an online portal,, which, among other things, allows you to set & amend your privacy settings. If you have any questions about the continued privacy of your personal data when it is shared with AGB, please contact


We will pass on to your name, age & gender to NCAS & CAA.


The club will keep all details as long as you are a member & for one year after having left or having failed to re-join, after which all those details will be destroyed. If you wish us to destroy them sooner than that please let us know in writing.

Personal details are kept by the following committee members:

•              Secretary; as core record keeper; for the duration of membership plus one year.

•              Treasurer; for the purpose of affiliation to AGB, NCAS & CAA; for the duration of membership plus one year.

•              Beginners Course Administrator; until the end of the course plus one year, for the purpose of planning & coordinating of the beginner sessions along with the Beginners Course Supervisory Coach.

•              Beginners Course Supervisory Coach; until the end of the course plus one year, for the purpose of planning & coordinating of the beginner sessions along with the Beginners Course Supervisory Administrator.

•              Communications Officer; who will keep names & email addresses only for the purpose of passing on information of club events, issues, meetings & news as and when required. Usually, when members leave their details will be deleted a month after the end of their membership has lapsed. On request, the email addresses of former members may be included on the list used by the Communications Officer. The Deputy Communications Officer has access to this account if the Communications Officer is unavailable.

•              Junior Club Coordinator; all information pertaining to juniors (up to 18 years old) will be that supplied by parents/guardians, and specifically email addresses and telephone numbers for juniors, should always be those of parents/guardians. Such contact details are used from time to time to arrange shooting sessions, visits to external competitions or attendance at County or National training or competitions.

•              Junior’s details will be kept for one year after their membership lapses but in the case of them becoming Seniors their personal information will not be kept any longer by the Junior Club Coordinator.


When you join or renew membership, you need to be affiliated to AGB, NCAS & CAA. Your full name, postal address, gender, date of birth and email address is passed to AGB. We will pass your name, age & gender to NCAS & CAA. Other than that we will not share your information with any other third parties.

In the event that you use the websites of AGB, NCAS, CAA or any other archery organisation then their information sharing policy will apply; particularly AGB have a portal which you may or may not choose to access.

Through the year we need to communicate news & information pertinent to club attendance, club business, meetings or membership. Other than at the club, we will communicate mainly through email, though occasionally we will use phone numbers provided, though these will not be routinely shared with other.


From time to time, the junior members are invited to attend external competitions; names, date of birth and AGB numbers will be passed on to the competition organisers.  Names and scores of archers, and in the case of juniors, ages, are from time to time passed on to national postal/online competition organisers, such as Bow 70.


On joining the club all Seniors (but not Juniors) are required to give a passport size photo, which will be displayed in the clubhouse with your name, to help all members identify unfamiliar individuals if necessary.


No information will be sold to anyone or passed on to bodies other than AGB, NCAS & CAA, and competition organisers, as necessary. The results of internal club competitions will be circulated by email to all members.


By volunteering your information you give permission for it to be used as follows.


•              Initially all information is taken on paper

•              The names but not the addresses of beginners are recorded electronically in the club accounts, which are kept by the Treasurer on a club computer.

•              If you subsequently join the club all the information you give will be kept electronically by the Treasurer & Secretary for the time you are a member & subsequently for one year

•              Once that year has elapsed all personal membership information recorded will be deleted or destroyed. This is because late renewal of affiliations to AGB within one year is treated as continual membership and so any late renewal within that year will result in a full year’s AGB fees.


All computers which store information are password/encryption protected.


All information stored by the officers of the club is encrypted or password-protected.


The names of club record-holders will be kept indefinitely, unless the club is specifically asked to remove those names in writing by the individual concerned.


You have the right to


•              Check that information held is accurate

•              Have any inaccuracies corrected

•              Request that we delete your information immediately you leave the club

•              Request a copy of the personal information we hold about you. We may require you to prove your identity with two pieces of approved identification. Please address requests to the Chair and we will respond within one month of receipt of your written request and confirmed ID. This request is free of charge unless the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive.


Your Obligations


•              to give us correct information

•              to update details as appropriate

•              To maintain discretion if you know or inadvertently learn personal information about other members.