Committee Update January 2018

1.    The Committee agreed to enter into an agreement with Concept Hygiene for the installation of a Defibrillator Unit to be installed in the Club House.

a.    UPDATE Unit delivered on 1 Feb and will be installed as soon as the mounting bracket arrives!


2.    So that we can begin the process of considering the options and costs for a bespoke Club livery, Russell Lear has left a catalogue in the Clubhouse of the types, designs and colour combinations for Polo shirts. Steve Mayer also has information from an alternative supplier. Those of us who attend external competitions are now beginning to look like the poor relations in the light of the professional appearance presented by many other Clubs. Perhaps it is time for us to do the same.


3.    This is not to be confused with the T / Polo shirt we hope to produce to celebrate our 60th Anniversary later in the year. The choices for the anniversary logo will be distributed soon and Members will be able to vote on-line.

a.    UPDATE Voting has not been an unparalleled success. To date we have only received 28 votes. There is still plenty of time to vote using the revised information I sent out on 14 January, and remember to spell the code as Labor NOT Labour. Alternatively if you would find it easier, go to the Club website and view the choices available by clicking on the Commemorative Logo Survey icon on the Home page. This gives the choices, follow the instructions to vote using the same pass code as sent to you earlier, or just text me on with up to 3 choices and I will input them for you.


4.    We have received a very competitive quote from a local groundwork contractor to undertake drainage improvement works to the shooting range. Committee agreed to approve the quote and request that work begins as soon as practicable. The contractor also indicated that he could undertake any other works we may require. To that end it was also agreed to request that he prepares the foundations for the storage container we hope to site to the left of the field, and for a clear and more substantial path from the Clubhouse to the Target Shed.


5.    A reminder that nominations for the Club Officers and members of the Committee for 2018 are now requested. The form is on the notice board by the kitchen. These will be voted upon at the AGM on 18th February. The Committee also agreed to accept the resignation, as a Trustee, from Neil Foden. For those who don't know Neil, he has, for over 30 years, been a highly valued Member of the Club, an exceptional ambassador for SAC and for the sport of archery. He was an International Judge and officiated at the 2012 London Olympics. Committee expressed their heartfelt thanks for his contributions to date, and relief that he has agreed to remain a Member and continue with the vital work of maintaining and updating the website and photo gallery, and providing advice and guidance whenever it is needed (which is perhaps more often than many of you realise!) This is purely a practical solution to him now being domiciled in the tropical paradise of Thailand - never to feel the cold, scrape ice off his windscreen or see a snowflake ever again. Therefore Nominations are also being sought for a suitable replacement to fill the vacancy of Trustee.


6.    Members will also notice that the space and target lighting is being upgraded from florescent / halogen to LED. There are 2 advantages, the first being much lower running costs, the second, the lighting is instant. This will be a real improvement particularly with the target lights, for anyone who has had the lights go off and had to wait 10 minutes for them to come back on again.


7.    Beginners Courses begin again on Mondays from 22nd January from 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm. So no Member shooting on Mondays between those times until further notice.


8.    We still haven't had any suggestions as to how best to implement the 'Buddy' initiative mentioned in the last Committee update. Just to be clear we are not talking about coaching. It is about introducing new Members to the Club, giving them a welcome, some company while shooting, support, explaining where things are e.g. targets, pins, lighting, heating, water heater, refreshments, toilet keys, gate, padlock and general etiquette and safety. Rather than come up with something you may be reluctant to support, much better for us to receive your suggestions as to how we could introduce this initiative with a greater chance of success. So come on and give it some thought, particularly how you thought when you first started, coming to a strange place, full of even stranger people, anxious about making a mistake.


9.    Dates for February


a.    18th February   1.30pm  Clubhouse   Annual General Meeting  All Members welcome


b.    24th February   10.30am sighters   Longdendale High School   Junior / Senior Indoor Championships


Further details on both events to follow soon.


Commemorative Logo

All members were invited to submit designs for a logo to commemorate the clubs Diamond jubilee year, 60 years, at the latter end of last year.

The committee was delighted to receive a considerable number of designs before the deadline of the December committee meeting.

Because of the number of designs involved the committee has decided to invite all members to vote for the design of their choice.

The vote is in the form of an online survey, which can be accessed either by clicking on the link at the bottom of this item, clicking on the link on the home page, or by using the link sent to you via email.

Whichever method you use you will need to enter a passcode (this will be sent to you via email) to verify you are a club member and thus be able to complete the survey. You will also need to enter your AGB membership number, so make sure you have it to hand.

New members who currently have not received an AGM membership number will also be allowed to vote by completing the appropriate question.

Members are only allowed one vote, but you may go back and change your selection if you change your mind.

Closing date for the survey is midnight of Friday 11th February.

The results of the survey will be announced at the AGM on Sunday 18th February.


View Logo Designs

Access Logo Survey


Complete Archer Trophies

All members are reminded that they are eligible for the Trophy irrespective of Age, Gender or Bow class and that there are separate trophies for the various bow types as well as for Seniors & Juniors.

All that is required to be eligible is that you have shot a minimum of four of the disciplines listed below during the previous year.


Target Outdoor:          York / Hereford / Bristol

Target Outdoor:          WA 1440

Clout:                        AGB or Metric

Field:                         WA Marked / Un-Marked / Club Rudolf

Target Indoor:            Portsmouth


All rounds can have been shot at either at an Open tournament or a Club tournament or on a Sunday Tournament day. The rounds have to have been shot between 1st January & 31st December 2017. The highest score for the individual rounds, whether this is shot at the Club or away at an Open tournament needs to be submitted on the CA Form to Steve Mayer before 12th February.


Download Complete Archer Form




Committee Positions

The Committee Nomination form for 2018 is now posted in the club house. If you would like to consider playing a more active part in the Club, why not put yourself forward? The election of the Club's Officers will be made at the AGM on Sunday 18 February.


Junior Club

The Junior Club sessions start again this coming Saturday, which means Seniors wishing to shoot will not be able to do so until about 2.00pm.