Club Score Sheets


A number of score sheets have been designed for use by club members in the different archery disciplines.

Below is a list of the available score sheet types all of which are saved as PDF files which can be viewed, printed and download.

English Outdoor Rounds

Metric Outdoor Rounds

Indoor Rounds




The club runís a fun shoot called the Colour Shoot, where the archer who has the most number of hits in each of the colour bands on the target, plus petticoats and misses, receives an award. The round shot is usually a western. The score sheet for this round can be down loaded by clicking on the link below.

Colour Shoot

The Club also runs a fun shoot around Halloween called the spooky shoot. clicking on the links below can download Score sheets, Rules and Target face additions.


Spooky Shoot

Spooky Rules

Spooky Faces