The History


Stalybridge Archery Club

These pages contain a history of the club, its fixtures and fittings, the reason why things are as they are and the names (where they can be remembered) of all those members who have contributed their time, effort, skills and money to building, improving and maintaining the club.








This is a work in progress and pages will be added as and when the information is available, so please check back on a regular basis. It is all based on the memories of existing members who were present at the time, so any inaccuracy’s are unintentional and down to faulty recollections, but if you know something of the club’s history or know we have got something wrong, please contact us, we would be only to grateful to have your input.


The Club Logo 

The Car Park  

The Field

The Club House

Our Judge 

Indoor Shooting 

2015/16 Grant Work Day Logs

 The Entrance Gate


Historical Committee Minutes