committee meeting information

Below is a round-up of the items discussed at the last Management Committee meeting which may be of interest to Members.


1.    A reminder to members to put their names on the notice board for the Christmas Quiz to be held on Friday 1st December. Friends and Family are welcome to attend.

2.    Donations towards the food provided at the Traditional Bow Shoot on 29th October amounted to over £100 which was donated to Willow Wood.

3.    Monday 6th November will be the final Beginners Lesson of 2017. The Clubhouse will therefore be free for Members on a Monday night until the Courses restart in mid January 2018.

4.    The Winter League recording sheets have now been put up in the Clubhouse for both Portsmouth and Bray Rounds. All Members are urged to add their scores to the sheets, those whose names have not already been typed on, please add by pen in the blank spaces provided. Your best monthly score for both rounds will be added together from now until the end of March 2018, and provide a total score for the Club Indoor League. The best Bray scores will be submitted as entries for the Cheshire Indoor Postal League.

5.    Any score sheets that are submitted must be completed properly. They will not be returned to archers to amend, they will be binned! You have been warned. Any new, novice or indeed experienced archers should not be embarrassed to get their score sheets checked before submission. Better that than have your achievements unrecognised.

6.    Thanks to the hard work of a number of Members, the club now have the modest capability to illuminate part of the shooting field. The committee agreed, that Thursday evenings from 6.00 pm onwards, weather permitting, night shooting will be allowed. This will be limited to 2 lanes only, with a minimum number of 2 archers present at all times. This will require the utmost care and vigilance. Lost arrow forms will be available in the Clubhouse and MUST be completed when necessary.

7.    A number of our Junior Members will be competing in the Cheshire and Northern Counties Indoor Portsmouth Leagues. On the 1st Sunday of every month, the afternoon from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm will be set aside for their exclusive use, to shoot their rounds under less distracting conditions. SENIORS PLEASE NOTE. This is in addition to the normal Junior Club Schedules on a Saturday morning.

8.    Though a number of Members have stepped up to the plate for training on the grounds maintenance equipment, more are required. Please contact Terry if you would like to be trained up, especially on the leaf blower which is particularly important at this time of the year.

9.    Further tree maintenance has been approved, particularly to those that pose an imminent risk. This will be carried out in the near future.


Maintenance training

As a member of the club all senior members are expected to assist at some time during the year with the maintenance and care of the club's property and land.

To this end ALL senior members are invited to attend training sessions to learn the skills needed to undertake maintenance tasks as required. This does not exclude you from the Maintenance Weekend, which all members are expected to attend, even if its only for an hour or two.

Training sessions on all aspects of using the grass cutter, strimmer, leaf blower and many other tasks will be held at the club, please contact Terry regarding these or leave a message on the whiteboard.

These are all important aspects of the Club's general maintenance and none involve excess requirements for strength.


Pride of Tameside - Sports Awards 2017

To those of you who were hoping that no news was good news - prepare to be disappointed.

In the Club of the Year category we came a creditable 4th, or was it 5th, perhaps 6th, maybe it was 7th? Weíre not sure, all we know is that we didn't come in the first 3. We left empty handed, but mightily impressed by those who did win.


Just to give you a flavour of some of the winners.

         The Sports Coach of the Year devoted over 40 hours a week and the last 20 years of his life to running the Droylsden Boxing Club. In so doing he has taken 100's of potential troublemakers under his wing and helped to refocus there energies into something more positive, and away from the gang culture and crime.

         The Sports Achiever of the Year was from East Cheshire Harriers. During the last 12 months, of her many achievements the most memorable was that she ran 10 marathons in 10 days, raising over £3500 for charity, at the ripe old age of 64.

         The Sports Club of the Year was Mossley Running Club, founded as recently as 2015. They now have over 250 members who run at least once a week, improving their health, fitness and wellbeing.


It was a privilege to be in the same room as them. It also made us realise that in terms of the wider Community, we really don't do as much as other sports clubs. As long as we recognise that, and don't extend our ambitions beyond our capacity to deliver and the level of commitment our members are prepared to give, we'll be fine.

It may be awhile before we think of applying again.


Diamond Jubilee

Next year the club will be celebrating its Diamond, 60th, Anniversary.

The club is looking to have T-shirts printed to mark the occasion. Members are invited (Junior or Senior) to design a new logo that will be printed on the T-shirts.

Designs are to be submitted to the committee by 30th December 2017.

If you would like to discuss the above please speak to any member of the committee.


Tameside Club of the Year

Our nomination in the category of Tameside Club of the Year has been accepted and we've been invited to the awards ceremony which will be held at Dukinfield Town Hall on Friday 22nd September starting at approximately 7pm (exact time to be confirmed).

The club has been given 2 free tickets and another has been purchased for £20. Extra tickets have gone on sale today for £30. Obviously we would like a good representation from SAC therefore if any committee members + guests would like to attend please let me know ASAP and additional tickets can be purchased.

In order to keep the cost as low as possible for our representatives we suggest that the combined cost be split equally between all those attending this event.

The event includes a 3 course meal, entertainment and a celebrity guest speaker. On past experience this is a very enjoyable well organised evening.


Fun Shoot

It was great to see so many of you on Saturday and a BIG THANK YOU to all helped set up the field. Although the weather wasn't kind to us, which meant we had to cut the shooting short, it certainly didn't dampen anyone's spirits.

The celebrations on Saturday were for David Littlejohn's 70th and Jack Spence's 18th Birthdays. The families would like to pass on their personal thanks to everyone who made the day so enjoyable.


Sunday Shooting

The protocol for Sunday shooting has now changed with immediate effect so please read the following carefully.


Sunday shooting regularly means that members shoot from the back line (up to 1.30pm only) and want as much uninterrupted shooting as possible. It is not a day for general practice or bow tuning, but for shooting recognised rounds under tournament conditions. Back line shooting will take precedence. Archers wishing to shoot rounds at shorter distances during that time must also shoot from the 'Back Line'. Member please be aware of the safety rules regarding back line shooting:

         If members are shooting from the back line they MUST NOT go into the club house or use the toilets whilst shooting is taking place because they are effectively walking in front of the Shooting Line (which is not allowed at any time).

         Once the whistle has gone or the designated field captain says 'all shot' then they may go into the club house, use the toilets or go to their car in the car park.

         If members are IN the club house whilst other members are shooting they MUST stay within the club house until archers have completed their end and proceed to retrieve their arrows (this also means not using the toilets or returning to your vehicle in the car park)

         If members arrive whilst an end is being shot, they may only open the gate and enter when that end has been completed by all archers.

         Once members are in the car park they must wait with their vehicle until archers have completed shooting their end.

         Please be aware that the rear HANDRAIL is the only part that is behind the Back Line and NOT the side part of the handrail adjacent to the toilets.


The new Sunday Shooting rules are as follows:


Each Sunday from the first in April to the last in October is designated as a Tournament day and formal target rounds should be shot on these days.


Ideally, there will be two sessions during the day and all archers wishing to shoot in a particular session are encouraged to be on the shooting line for the stipulated times, these being:


†††† Morning Session. Sighters 10.00am


†††† Afternoon Session. Sighters 2.00pm


It is understood that these times can be restrictive and some flexibility needs to be exercised for archers that need to start shooting earlier or later than these times.


Any archer starting a round before these times need to accommodate archers arriving to start shooting at these stipulated times. Archers that are arriving for the stipulated session times will be permitted to put out targets between 9.30 and 9.45, or 1.30 to 1.45, but only after an end of shooting is completed, with as little disruption to those already shooting. Back line shooting cannot continue beyond 1.30 pm.


Any archer arriving after these times needs to avoid disrupting archers already shooting. Targets can be put out when there is a natural break in shooting - that can be a change of distance or an agreed ďcomfort breakĒ. It can also be by mutual agreement of the archers present.


Some degree of understanding and cooperation is required by all archers, whether shooting early, ďon timeĒ or late. The aim of this change is to ensure that archers are able to complete rounds without unnecessary disturbance.

On days when there is an official club shoot, early round are not permitted unless the field is made available to the tournament organiser when requested. This is normally about 1 hour before sighters.


Waterloo Have-a-Go

Our 5th Annual Waterloo Have a Go was held on Friday 28th July. Despite the warm and sunny morning, a series of torrential showers moved in over the course of the afternoon. Most Members would have sought a speedy refuge in the Clubhouse, not so our hardy visitors. They shot on regardless, fortified in no small measure by intense competition and Margaret's cakes.

For those Members who have never taken part, set-up starts at about 7.30am and takes fully 2 hours, with a short break for sausage / bacon rolls.

After a Safety Check and final walk through, there are briefings for Instructors and Visitors who then start target shooting at about 10.00am, regardless of age everyone seems to love popping those balloons, stopping for lunch about 1.00. The afternoon sessions from 2.00pm comprised a mini Field Shoot followed by a Novelty Shoot, which are completed by 4.00pm. The field and equipment is dismantled and put away, finishing about 5.00pm.

It is a long and very busy day, but great fun, and we get fed as well. It was however made longer, on this occasion, as everything was soaking wet and had to be strung out to dry over the entire length and width of the Clubhouse, before being put away late Saturday morning.

With the 3 events we have held this year (2 of them thanks to Andy Wardle), we have raised a considerable sum for Club Funds. We plan to use this income to upgrade both equipment and facilities. Money we would otherwise have to raise by increasing Club Fees, or forego any improvements. So the value to all Members of hosting these events must never be underestimated.

For those who were able to contribute on the day, both for the outside setup, instructing and the inside catering teams, on behalf of all Members a very big thank you. Everything went very smoothly(ish!) and the food was fabulous. Our guests had a great time, many of them putting in pretty impressive scores, and have already booked again for next year. Which I think is a testament to how much our efforts are appreciated. There must also be a special thank you to John, Kay's husband who fired up the BBQ at 7.30am to provide breakfast for about 60 people.

There is also an apology to the Members of the Junior Club for the late cancellation of the Saturday morning session. Sadly we had no option, there was nowhere for you to setup, and the shooting area was by then covered in safety nets, gazebos and chairs drying in the sun.

So, if you're free the next time we call for volunteers to help to host this kind of event, whether itís a corporate day or the Annual Have a Go, think about putting your name down. You will make a difference.


Annual Open Day Have-a-go

Our annual Have a Go Day on Sunday 25th June was our most successful yet, raising a grand total towards Club funds. This was a fantastic result, despite the variable weather conditions. At one stage the queue stretched to the front gate of the park! We were handing out umbrellas during the rain - and still they came. We had to start at 10.45am and people were trying to get in at 4.30pm.

Though there seems to be a growing interest in archery, the success of the day is entirely due to the hard work and commitment of the Members. From preparation on Saturday afternoon to set up on Sunday morning, instructing on the line, arrow collection and sorting, blowing up balloons and fixing to the targets (How many hundreds did we go through in 5 hours?), setting out and selling Margaret's wonderful cakes - it took 3 people to carry them from car to Clubhouse and every slice was sold! Selling the raffle tickets, keeping the workers supplied with teas and coffees, explaining and demonstrating the different bow types, the sterling work on the gate collecting the arrow money, to the shut down and clean up.

Though the event lasts for only 5 hours, Members started work at 8.00am and the gate was finally locked at 6.00pm. Itís a long day, and a very busy day. To everyone who took part, from those who spared a few hours to those who worked all day, thank you very, very much.


Seniors at Junior Club

If any senior member, who is not able to shoot the longer distances, would like to shoot besides the juniorís on a Saturday mornings, they are most welcome to attend. Obviously this is subject to the availability of space on the shooting line, as Juniorís take priority on a Saturday morning.


Bill Blake

Following his recent operation Bill is now back home and has requested that the following email be circulated.


Hi everybody

I would like to thank everybody who come to visit me in hospital it was most appreciated.

I would like to thank all who sent me a greetings card.

I would like to thank everybody who sent me good wishes.

Itís very lonely in hospital, and itís so wonderful to receive a cheerful greeting.




Julie Sharkey

On Sunday 21st May Julie was admitted to Tameside General Hospital. The hip replacement, which she has had so many problems with recently, has contracted yet another severe infection. She is again on the intravenous drip of a powerful cocktail of antibiotics. If this wasnít bad enough, she has also been advised that the hip will have to be removed and a spacer fitted for 3 months. Only when the doctors are sure that all the infection has been eradicated, will they then re-insert a 2nd new hip. All the operations are planned to be carried out in Wigan Hospital.

Paul Carney went to see her on Monday 22nd, and reported back that she was in much better spirits than he anticipated, her language was typically forthright and she was ready to punch anyone who got within arm's length and said the wrong thing. The authorities have wisely chosen to put her in a single room, so as not to compromise the recovery of other patients. In fact it is the same room that she was in last time, which they seem to have held vacant for her. She has requested an archery set from Decathalon, the one with the big suckers, so that she can continue practice in hospital and perhaps graduate to moving targets.


There are many amongst us who admire Julie's character, strength, determination and resilience. None of us should doubt that she will need those qualities in abundance during the coming months, together with all the help and support we are able to give.


Updates will be posted as and when Julie's circumstances change.


Caa & cheshire club Tournaments

Bowmen of Bruntwood

Saturday 10th June

22nd Annual Junior Inter Club Competition.

Click here for Entry Form




Cheshire County Bowmen

14th & 15th October

Open Field shoot, incorporating the 35th Cheshire Field Championships, Record Status

Click here for Entry Form




New Century Bowmen

15th & 16th July

Annual Open Tournament, Double York, Hereford & Bristolís.

Click here for Entry Form




CAA Junior, Target, Clout and Field Tournaments 2017

Saturday 8th July

CAA Cadet and Junior Tournament, WA 720 with Head 2 Head, Age Groups, Hosted by Alsager Company of Archers.

Click here for Entry Form

Saturday 5th August

CAA Cheshire Weekend, WRS Gents & Ladies WA 1440, UKRS Cadets & Juniors Metric 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Click here for Entry Form

Sunday 6th August

CAA Cheshire Weekend, Cheshire Championships, UKRS York, Hereford or Nationals (Afternoon only).

Click here for Entry Form

Saturday 26th August

CAA Tri Clout Tournament, Double Two Way AGB Clout.

Click here for Entry Form

Sunday 27th August

CAA Tri Clout Tournament, Double One Way AGB Clout incorporating the Cheshire Clout Championships & the 6th EAF Clout Championships.

Click here for Entry Form

Monday 28th August

CAA Tri Clout Tournament, Double One Way WA Clout & AGB Metric Clout.

Click here for Entry Form

Sunday 3rd September

CAA 41st Junior Championships and Open Tournament, Gents and Ladies WA 1440, Metric 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Click here for Entry Form


Archery GB On target News Letter

To view the latest ArcheryGB On Target news letter please click on the following ink.



Bill Blake

Bill had his triple bypass operation at Wythenshaw Hospital on Friday. He spent the first day in intensive care unit but has now been moved back onto the ward. It appears that the surgery has gone well. We all wish Bill a speedy recovery and we hope to see him up and about soon.


Bill Blake Update

Bill was transferred to Wythenshaw Hospital on Tuesday and was scheduled to have surgery for a triple heart by-pass Yesterday afternoon.

The committee and club members all send their best wishes to Bill and hope he will make a full recovery from his operation and be back at the club soon.


New Century Bowmen

Annual open tournament.

DATE:††††††††† Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th July 2017.

VENUE:††††††† New Century Bowmenís Ground. Holehouse Lane, Whiteley Green, Near Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 5SJ.

ROUNDS:††††† Double York, Hereford & Bristols I - V

SIGHTERS:††† 10.00am


Record & Rose Status

Download Entry Form


Bowmen of Bruntwood Junior Tournament

22nd Annual Junior Inter Club Competition

VENUE:†††††††††† Bruntwood Park, Bruntwood Lane, Cheadle, Stockport, SK8 1HS.

DATE : ††††††††† Saturday 10th June 2017.

ENTRY FEE : Bristolís £8.00 Nationals £6.00.

SIGHTERS : ††† York / Hereford / Bristol's 10:00am.

†††††††††††††††††††† Nationals 1.30pm.



Download Entry Form



If any member requires help or would like coaching on any aspect of their technique, the club's level 2 coach, Milan Koria, is available most Monday evenings.

To book an appointment contact Milan by e-mailing him at or by phoning him on his mobile, the number can be found in the club house.


Bill Blake Update

Terry Gregory visited Bill in the ACU unit at Tameside Hospital on Wednesday 3rd May. He is in good humour but a little bored and is glad of any company, even Terryís.

He is wired up to a heart monitor, which also tracks his location in the ward and therefore he cannot walk beyond the ward door without setting off an alarm and getting dragged back in by the nurses.

He has been told he needs to have a triple heart bypass, which will be performed at either the Manchester Royal or Wythenshawe hospital.

On Thursday he has to go to another department to have his breathing tested, to check that there will be no problems with the type of breathing apparatus they use during heart bypass surgery.

Bill is now just waiting for the doctors to decide where and when.


Bill Blake

Bill Blake's wife, Maureen, has just informed the club that Bill has been transferred to Manchester Royal for heart surgery. Bill is one of the Club's longest serving Members and is well known for two things, shooting a compound and fighting Terry for possession of the lawnmower. We know little more about his present condition, but updates will be posted as and when we know anything further. In the meantime the committee have passed on the clubs thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery.


change of season

The Indoor Season ends today and the new outdoor season starts tomorrow, 1st April.



The indoor sessions on a Saturday have now ended, and from 1st April there will be a single outdoor session.

Arrival time is to be for 10.00 am. You will then have 30 minutes to set up your equipment and help with setting out the target bosses.

Shooting will commences at 10.30 am prompt.

The session ends at approximately 1.30 pm, depending on the time taken to shoot the round or complete the practice for that morning.

This first session, 1st April, will be for checking and making notes of your sight marks for two different distances.

Please note that you will need a minimum of six arrows, though seven would be preferable, in case you have a bouncer.



Please note that shooting on Sundays now changes to two sessions.

If you intend to shoot, please make sure you arrive early enough so that you have sufficient time to setup your equipment and target bosses, and be on the shooting line at the stipulated times.


Morning 10.00am sighters - Afternoon 2.00pm sighters.


Maintenance Weekend & Corporate Have-a-Go

The Annual Maintenance Weekend is coming up on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th March. There are plenty of jobs to be done, in the Clubhouse, Target Shed and on the Field to get things ready for the outdoor season. All club members benefit from the facilities so please make some time over the weekend to come and help.


The clubs first Corporate Event takes place on Friday 31st March, from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. We are catering for about 30, with shooting being split over 3 categories using standard, field and novelty targets over the course of the day. We could still do with a few more volunteers to help set up the field, to instruct and supervise the newcomers on the line, and to help with the preparation and serving of the food at lunchtime (and refreshments throughout the day). If you haven't yet put your names forward, but you feel you could help, and have the time, please add your names to the list on the noticeboard in the Clubhouse, or alternatively just turn up on the day. It is a long and very busy day for everyone, but there are free bacon / sausage butties, and lunch for everyone who helps. Set-up starts no later than 8.00 am to have everything ready for arrivals at 9.30 am. The event contributes much needed additional income for the club, so we need to put on a professional show. So come and lend a hand.


50th ALL British Field Champs

Entries for the 50th All British and Open Field Championships are now being taken.

The competition, which includes the 15th Junior All British Field Championships, will be held on 27th & 28th May and is being hosted by Pentref Bowmen at the Glyncornel Archery Centre, Llwynypia, South Wales.


It is a World Record Status event over 24 marked and 24 unmarked targets and will be shot to World Archery rules.

And, to celebrate the 50th anniversary, there will be an additional day's shooting on Monday 29th May with a Finals for All shoot off.


You can find more details about the event here. Entries will be via Sport:80.


indoor championships

The results of the clubs 2017 Indoor Championships are now available by clicking on the following link - Results


GNAM 2017

The GNAM Tournament is to be held on the 29th and 30th July 2017.

For full details and to book your place at the tournament please click on the link below.

Rounds for Both Days : York/Hereford. Juniors may enter the Senior Class

Online Entry Form


Cheshire winter league

The results of the January matches have now been published on the website. If you wish to view the results please use the following link, January, or go to the Winter league page and use the link there.


NCAS Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of N.C.A.S. will take place on Saturday 18th March 2017 at 10.30am at the Wetherby & District Social Club, Sandbeck Way Wetherby, Yorkshire LS22 7DN.



Any member who is affiliated to NCAS is allowed to attend the meeting and vote on any proposals that are on the agenda.

Links to the minutes of last years AGM and the agenda for this years AGM are listed below.

         2016 AGM Minutes

         2017 AGM Agenda


Whatsapp group

Andy Wardle is setting up a 'WhatsApp' group for Stalybridge Archery Club. If you would like to be added to this group please email with your name and mobile number.



WhatsApp is a cross-platform encrypted instant messaging application for smartphones, iPads, Windows PC and Macís. It uses the Internet to make voice calls, one to one video calls; send text messages, documents, PDF files, images, GIF, videos, user location, audio files, phone contacts and voice notes to other users using standard mobile numbers.

         Download WhatsApp


clubs annual general meeting

This Sunday, 19th February, at 1.30pm the club is holding it's Annual AGM where all members have the opportunity to 'Have their say' and vote on issues that arise, including the round to be shot at the Club Championships, the new committee and any other business raised.

The winners of the complete archer awards and the Captain's Trophy will be announced.

It is hoped as many members as possible attend and show their support for the club.

         2016 AGM Minutes

         2017 AGM Agenda


cheshire annual general meeting

On Sunday 5th March Cheshire Archery Association will hold it's Annual AGM, which is followed by its indoor championships.

Both the AGM and the indoor shoot are held at the same venue, which is Ellesmere Port Catholic High School, Capenhurst Lane, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, CH65 7AQ.



Registration for the indoor shoot is in the morning, before 10am, prior to the AGM. The AGM is to be held in school hall, access is via the front of the school.

Full details of the AGM and Indoor shoot are available by clicking on the links below.

         2016 AGM Minutes

         2017 AGM Agenda

         2017 CAA Indoor Championships


Instructors Required

To all Senior Members (18 and over), at the recent Committee Meeting it was agreed to invite interested Members to increase the pool of instructors available for the Beginner's Courses, and to support Margaret with the Junior Club, on a Saturday morning.

Below are the main criteria you would have to fulfil.


         You must agree to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service check - (the old Criminal Records Bureau). This applies whether you are a new or an existing participant and have not yet had a check. This is free and is co-ordinated by ArcheryGB.

         Attend awareness training on Child Safety and Safeguarding.

         Attend awareness training on the content and conduct of the Beginners Course.


If this hasn't put you off and you are still interested can you contact Paul Carney directly either by phone, text (number available in Clubhouse) or by email on by Saturday 25th February, so that demand can be assessed and the formalities organised.


All the people who have been involved with either the beginners or junior club have all found the experience very satisfying. It has proved to be a means of giving something back to the sport, but perhaps more importantly to the Club.


Complete Archer Reminder

Please can archers return completed Complete Archer forms to Steve Mayer as soon as possible, ideally by Sunday 12th, although Iíll check for entries during the week. You need to have shot at least 4 of the following in 2016:

         Target Outdoor - York / Hereford / Bristol

         Target Outdoor Ė WA

         Clout - AGB or Metric

         Field WA Marked / Un-Marked

         Target Indoor Ė Portsmouth

These can have been shot either on a Sunday tournament day at the club or at an official away shoot.

The results are announced at the AGM on the 19th February.


Club house busy

All Members are advised that the Club House will be in use for measuring Beginner applicants this coming Saturday afternoon the 11th of February from 2.00pm until 3.00pm


Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held in the Club house on Sunday 19th February starting at 1.30pm. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting. Every senior member is entitled to vote on any resolution that is proposed as well as voice any thoughts they may have regarding it


Cheshire winter league

The results of the december matches has now been published on the website. If you wish to view the results please use the following link, December, or go to the Winter league page and use the link there.


Junior club news

The two period Saturday morning sessions begin again this coming Saturday, 21st January, if you wish to attend please remember which period your name is down for.


TIMES:†††† 1st Period. Arrival from 9.30 am and be ready to shoot for 10.00 am. Period ends at 11.30 am

††††††††††††† 2nd Period. Arrival at 11.45 am and be ready to shoot for 12.00 noon. Period ends at 1.30 pm.


At every monthly Club Committee Meeting your Junior Representatives, Aneke Mayer & William Lear take turns in attending and producing a report that they read out to the committee informing them of events and happenings that have taken place in the Junior Club the previous month.

These reports will now be circulated each month to all the junior members and also made available on the clubs website as a newsletter.


The first News Letter for 2017 can be found by following the following link below, or by going to the junior page and following the link there.


January 2017


Complete Archer Trophy

All members are reminded that they are eligible for the Trophy irrespective of Age, Gender or Bow class and that there are separate trophies for the various bow types.

All that is required to enter is that you have shot a minimum of four of the disciplines listed below


Target Outdoor:††††††††† York / Hereford / Bristol

Target Outdoor:††††††††† WA

Clout:††††††††††††††††††††††† AGB or Metric

Field:†††††††††††††††††††††††† WA Marked / Un-Marked / Club Rudolf

Target Indoor:††††††††††† Portsmouth


These can have been shot at either at an Open tournament or a Club tournament or on a Sunday Tournament day. The rounds have to be shot between 1st January & 31st December. The highest score for the individual rounds, whether this is shot at the Club or away at an Open tournament needs to be submitted on the CA Form to Steve Mayer before 12th February.


Download Complete Archer Form




2016 score sheets

If any members want their score sheets for 2016 will you let the records officer, Andy Wardle, know by email to as soon as possible and not later than Friday 20th January.

If he does not hear from you by the above date then the score sheets will be destroyed


beginners courses

Will members please note that the Club House will be in use this coming Saturday, 14th January, from 1:30 pm to approx. 3:30 pm. This is for a Pre-Beginner Course measuring session.

Furthermore the Club House will be used for Beginner Courses from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm every Monday evening from the 23rd of January until further notice.


junior club

The junior club Saturday morning sessions will begin again on Saturday 21st January. They will be held inside the club house and will follow the same format of two sessions as started in December.

If members have forgotten which session they should be attending please click on the link below to view the roster details.

Link to session Roster


toilet block

It appears that the gentlemenís toilet is not being locked before the last member leaves the club, the committee therefore requests that from now on when members need to use the toilets they unlock them and then lock them again when they have finished, regardless of how many members maybe in the club house.

Your help and understanding is this matter is greatly appreciated.


Membership cards

Could all members please ensure that have received their AGB membership cards for 2016-17. It has come to light that a couple of members have so far not had them. If you haven't received yours please contact the treasurer at


Rudolf SHOOT

The results of the 2016 Rudolf shoot are now available by clicking on the following link - Results



We would like to wish all our members a very Happy new year.