Rudolph Field Shoot

This shoot will be held at the club on Wednesday 27th December, sighters at 10:00 am.  This is a great opportunity for members to experience what it is like to take part in a field shoot within the clubs more relaxed environment. Refreshments will be served at the end of the first period comprising of home made soup & cakes, all free of charge.


Setting up for this shoot takes several hours and will be done the day before, 26th December (Boxing Day), therefore if members can spare an hour or two to help out in anyway with the setting up, please come to the club for 11:00 am.  Any help given will be much appreciated.


Quiz Night

The Annual Christmas Quiz Night will be held in the Clubhouse on Friday 1st December 2017. Take your seats from 6.30pm onwards for a 7 o'clock start.

Jeremy Paxman unfortunately had a prior engagement so Kay has agreed to step up and ask the questions.

Hopefully this year she will not be doing her version of the Two Ronnies Mastermind sketch, and give the answers before asking the questions.

Perhaps there will be a twist though - she will give all the answers, and we have to write down the correct questions!


All members are welcome together with family and friends. Bring your own alcohol / soft drinks / glasses / crisps and nuts if required. Pork and apple sauce muffins together with a veggie alternative will be available during the break.

If you haven't already done so, would you please add your names and numbers to the list on the notice board, so that we can gauge catering requirements.


Christmas Charity Shoot

For the first time in many years we have decided to hold a Charity Shoot on the run-up to Christmas. It will be held on Sunday 10th December 2017, from 8.00am until 6.00pm. All money collected will be donated to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

As many of you may know, this organisation doesn't just magically appear with a brass band at Christmas. It works tirelessly with the most vulnerable in our communities throughout the year. However Christmas, in particular, requires them to make that extra effort. Not just for the homeless, but the lonely, the isolated and those who have fallen on sad times, often through no fault of their own. Money, as always, is critical to them being able to reach out to as many people and families as possible, with a hot meal, a smile, some company or a present for a child.

We would like to think that the Members of Stalybridge Archery Club have the generosity of spirit (and wallet!) to help in this regard.

The shoot will consist of scored Bray / Portsmouth rounds throughout the day, either Indoors or even Outdoors if the weather permits, and we need as many Members as possible to take part. Though we would like to suggest a donation of £5 and £10 per round respectively, we will just be happy to receive anything you are able to give. Better still, if you are able to solicit sponsorship from family, friends and anyone else you can persuade to part with some money, so much the better.

Depending on the level of support, we may need to allocate specific shooting times. So if you are free that day and able, add your names to the list on the Notice Board, please indicate which times would be most convenient for you. We have chosen to start at 8.00am so as not to miss the early birds, and finish at 6.00pm, to accommodate as may people as possible.

We haven't had time yet to organise any special catering for the day, so no promises, but no doubt there will at least be cake and mince pies.

So come on and join us. The more we raise, the more help the Salvation Army will be able to deliver to those who need it most.


Spooky Shoot

The Junior Club is holding their annual SPOOKY FUN SHOOT this coming Saturday the 28th of October. As usual, a very warm welcome is extended to any senior member who would like to join in the fun, as many have in previous years.

Shooting commences at 10.30 am and ends at approximately 1.30 pm

There will be a break midway through the shoot for refreshments consisting of Parkin and other Cakes.

The distance to be shot will be relatively short with traditional 'SPOOKY' targets including Pumpkins & Balloons!

Ends will consist of 3 arrows at a time.

Fancy Dress is OPTIONAL, but anyone 'dressed up' will have EXTRA points added to their final score!

Junior and Senior Prizes will be awarded at the end for scores plus one prize for Best Fancy Dress.


Up Coming Tournaments

Saturday 28th October, Spooky Shoot. This is a fun shoot and all members, Senior or Junior, are welcome to take part.  Margaret organises this event, and details will be published as soon as she releases them.

Sunday 29th October, Traditional Longbow Shoot. Sighters are at 10:00am.

Details of the Longbow Shoot are as follows:

Main Event:                    This comprises of a Western (4 dozen arrows @ 60 yards plus 4 dozen arrows @ 50 yards on a 122cm face) round for the Tradition English Longbow.

Secondary Event:           Short Western (4 dozen arrows @ 50 yards plus 4 dozen arrows @ 40 yards on a 122cm face) round for any traditional bow (Flat bow, Mongolian, etc - club fibreglass bows are permitted for anyone who would like to have a go.

Dress code:                   Traditional Green and Whites please.  (No jeans or Camo.)

Refreshments:               Andy Massey is organizing Pork & Apple Sauce Muffins for lunch (Donations to go to Willow Wood Hospice).


Beg or borrow a bow and arrows if you can.

No Recurves or Compounds are allowed.


Cheshire Winter Leagues

The Winter League season starts on the 1st November and runs until the 31st March 2018.

The Cheshire leagues are based on the Bray 1 round, which comprises of 2½ dozen arrows shot at 20 yards on a 40cm face (single or 3 spot, you choose), and are a team based competition.

Archers can shoot as many rounds as they wish, even on the same day. Monthly score sheets will be placed on the notice board. Archers add their name to the list when they shoot a round, together with the score, Golds and Hits from the round. Every time you improve on this score, you record the new values.


This season the club has registered the following teams.


·         3 Longbow teams

·         3 Recurve Teams

·         1 Compound team

·         1 Barebow team


Teams consist of 3 archers for Compound and Recurve and 2 Archers for Barebow and Longbow.

The highest 3, or 2, scores will make up the first team, then the next 3, or 2, highest will comprise the second team, and so on. This means that you could be part of any team depending on your highest score for the month.

Medals are awarded by Cheshire for the top team in each division (4 teams per division), and all archers who have been recorded as shooting for that team will receive a one.

All members are encouraged to take part, just come down to the club, put a target up (inside or outside) and shoot a round, then submit your score.


Club tournaments and events up to the end of December 2017

Thursday 5th October             -        Committee Meeting 7.30pm

Saturday 28th October            -        Spooky Shoot, all members welcome. Details to be published nearer the time

Sunday 29th October              -        Annual Traditional Longbow Shoot, plus lunch (for donation to Willow Wood) details out shortly

Wednesday 1st November       -        Winter season plus Cheshire winter league starts

Thursday 2nd November         -        Committee Meeting 7.30pm

Sunday 26th November           -        Caldy Indoor Portsmouth

Friday 1st December              -        Christmas Quiz Night plus supper, 7pm start. All members & families welcome

Thursday 7th December          -        Committee Meeting 7.30pm

Tuesday 26th December         -        Setting up for the Rudolph Field Shoot from 11am onwards. Help needed.

Wednesday 27th December     -        Rudolph Field Shoot, 10am sighters.


Long Metric Shoot

A reminder to all Members, of the special shoot being organised for this coming Saturday afternoon.

It is proposed to have targets out at all distances specified for 5 Long Metric rounds, namely 3 dozen arrows each at 70m & 60m (Long Metric I), 60m & 50m (Long Metric II), 50m & 40m (Long Metric III), 40m & 30m (Long Metric IV) and 30m & 20m (Long Metric V), 6 dozen in all.


If you wish to take part, make sure you are at the Club no later than 2.00pm, to give yourselves time to register and setup your equipment. Sighters will be at 2.30 prompt.


All Members are welcome to take part, but this tournament will be of particular value to 'novice' archers (archers who have been shooting for less than 2 years) and those who have never taken part in a competition before. It will be conducted under competition conditions, with a designated Line Captain, shooting to the whistle, scoring, and timed ends (probably!). We are hoping to dispel the anxiety of the unfamiliar, and enable you to measure your performance against other archers of similar experience and ability in open competition.


Support, advice, mentoring and coaching from more experienced archers will be available, before, during and after the event to help you get the most out of your afternoon.

We want you to be more comfortable in taking part in the Club competitions, and indeed other open competitions held locally.

So come on, give it a try and we'll see you on Saturday.


Up Coming Events

The next club shoot is the Long Metrics, which will be held on Saturday 30th September with sighters at 2.30pm.


Members can choose to shoot any of the Long Metric rounds, these being:-


Long Metric 1 (70m and 60m)

Long Metric 2 (60m and 50m)

Long Metric 3 (50m and 40m)

Long Metric 4 (40m and 30m)

Long Metric 5 (30m and 20m)


3 dozen arrows are shot at each distance on a 122cm face, with 10 zone scoring.


All members are welcome to attend, but this would be particularly helpful for less experienced archers as help will be available on how to score a round, general coaching/mentoring, and help with equipment set up and kit issues.


On Sunday 29th October will club will be holding it's Annual Longbow Shoot.  A Western round will be shot plus a short western for those not able the make the distance.  Please see the poster in the club house for full details.  This shoot is also open to other bow types i.e. Mongolian/flat bows and any other bow that you can't attach a sight to.  If you'd like to take part but haven't got a bow then you can always borrow one of the club's fibreglass bows on the day.


Club Target Championships

The next club tournaments are the junior and Senior Target Championships which will be held at the club on Saturday 9th (Juniors) and Sunday 10th (Seniors) September with sighters at 10am.

The rounds to be shot for the junior tournament are Metrics I-V.

All round consist of 3 dozen arrows at the first two distances on a 122cm target and 3 dozen arrows at the second two distances on an 80cm target face, distances are dependent on age and round shot.

The rounds for the senior tournament will be

Gents WA1440:  3 dozen arrows at 90m and 70m on a 122cm target followed by 3 dozen arrows at 50m and 30m on an 80cm target face.


Ladies WA1440: 3 dozen arrows at 70m and 60m on a 122cm target face followed by 3 dozen arrows at 50m and 30m on an 80cm target face.


For any new or inexperienced members wishing to shoot a 12 dozen round, there will be targets set-up for a Metric II, this consists of 3 dozen arrows at 60m and 50m on a 122cm target face followed by 3 dozen arrows at 40m and 30m on an 80cm target face.


A Novice competition will be included in the afternoon session, with sighters 2pm.  This will be a Short Metric round which consists of 3 dozen arrows at 50m and 30m on an 80cm target face.

A Novice is an archer who has been shooting for less than 2 years.


Please return all trophies on or before the day (Cleaned and Polished Please).

Archery GB dress code applies for this shoot.

·         The recognised dress of Archery GB is plain dark green and/or white.

·         Footwear that fully encloses the toes and front of the foot must be worn at all times when shooting.

·         Tops or shirts must cover the front and back of the body (including the midriff when at full draw), they must not be strapless and, for gentlemen, must include sleeves.

·         Any colour garments may be worn with the exception of blue denim, olive drab and camouflage pattern.

·         Badges, Logos and Wording.

o    Clothing manufacturers’ trademarks are allowed. The wearer’s name is allowed.

o    Individuals, and members of clubs and other archery organisations that are commercially sponsored may wear sponsors’ logos and names during the sponsorship period only.

o    Other wording or badges on clothing must represent archery organisations.


Fun Shoot & BBQ

The clubs next event is the Fun Shoot on Saturday 19th August with sighters at 10.30am.  All seniors and juniors are welcome to come along and take part.

The shoot will consist of target archery faces, complete with balloons, animal faces and the 3D targets.

Help setting the field up in the morning, starting from 9:00am, as well as during the day and afterwards would be appreciated.

There will be a BBQ lunch, which will be provided free of charge, so if you would like to join in, please put your name on the notice board as soon as possible so that we can get an idea of how many to cater for. Parents of juniors are also welcome to attend.

The fun shoot is a thank you from the club, to the members for all the help they have given over the year, so come along and join in the celebrations.


Up Coming events for 2017

Thursday 3rd August

Committee Meeting & EGM - Subject: Sunday Shooting at 7.30pm - all welcome to attend.

Saturday 19th August

Fun Shoot & BBQ - all welcome to attend. 10am sighters. The day will including Target archery (including balloons, animal faces and 3D targets). The cost of the BBQ lunch will be £1.50 per person.

Thursday 7th September

Committee Meeting 7.30pm

Saturday 9th September

Junior Target Championships - 10am sighters. No shooting by senior members during that day.

Sunday 10th September

Senior Target Championships - 10am sighters. Full details - see poster in club house.

Thursday 5th October

Committee Meeting 7.30pm

Saturday 28th October

Spooky Shoot - all welcome

Sunday 29th October

Annual Longbow Shoot - see poster in club house for full details

Thursday 2nd November

Committee Meeting 7.30pm

Thursday 7th December

Committee Meeting 7.30pm

Tuesday 26th December

Setting up for the Rudolph Field Shoot from 11am

Wednesday 27th December

Rudolph Field Shoot 10am sighters


Annual Olympic Challenge & H2H

This will take place this coming Sunday, 16th July, and will incorporate the Compound Challenge.

The round to be shot will be the WA 720 which comprises of 6 dozen arrows shot at 70 meters, shorter distances will be available for juniors & novices. Sighters will be at 10am.

The H2H will follow after lunch at 2pm. All senior and junior members are all welcome to attend.

If you have any questions please contact the tournaments officer Steve Mayer


Waterloo Have-a-go

Important - Please note the change of date

The Waterloo Corporate Have A Go Day will be held on FRIDAY 28th JULY and NOT Friday 21st July as previously posted.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Volunteers will be needed for the 28th so if you are available and can help out, please put your name down on the whiteboard in the club house


Tournaments and Events for July & August 2017

Thursday 6th July           -        Committee Meeting 7.30pm in the club house, all members are welcome to attend


Sunday 16th July             -        Olympic Challenge + H2H including the Compound Championships (see poster in club house for full details)


Friday 21st July              -        Waterloo Corporate Have A Go Day from 9:00am till 5:00pm. Volunteers are needed from 7:30am onwards to help with setting up. Please put your name down on the whiteboard if you can help (inside or outside). Breakfast & Lunch will be available for all volunteers. There will be no shooting allowed for members until after 6:00pm on this day.


Thursday 3rd August        -        Committee Meeting 7.30pm in the club house, all members are welcome to attend


Saturday 19th August       -        Fun Shoot + BBQ for Junior & Senior members. The Fun shoot will include having a go at the targets, including balloons, the animal faces and the 3D figures. BBQ lunch will be provided at a cost of £1.50 per person. Everyone is welcome.


Mid-Summer Shoot

The Mid-Summer Shoot will take place at the club on the evening of Wednesday 21st June with sighters at 7:00pm prompt. The round to be shot will be a National (4 dozen arrows @ 60 yards and 2 dozen arrows at 50 yards). All members are both welcome as well as encouraged to come and take part in the shoot. Help will also be needed to set up the targets before the event, so if you can arrive early, please do. All members are also requested to help in putting away all the targets after the event.


Annual Open Day & Have-a-go

The Annual Open & Have-a-go Day will be held on Sunday 25th June. The club will be open to the public from approximately 11:00am until 4:00pm, and as much help as possible will be needed on the day setting up the field (targets, nets, gazeebo’s etc.), stringing bows, blowing up balloons, helping out in the kitchen with refreshments, as well as manning the shooting line, and all this will start from 8.30am onwards.

Posters and flyers for the event are available in the club house, and members are requested to help advertise the event by taking these and distributing and displaying them.

A digital copy of the poster can be downloaded by clicking here. Download.


Club Clout Championships

These will be held on Sunday 4th June at Marple Hall School, Hilltop Drive, Stockport, Cheshire. SK6 6JZ. Sighters will be at 11:00am prompt and the rounds to be shot will be the WA and Metric Clouts. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. All members who won trophies last year are requested to either drop them off at the club on Saturday or bring them to the shoot on Sunday.


Clout Practice Session

The Club’s Clout Practice session will be taking place at Marple Hall School, Hill Top Drive, Marple, Cheshire. SK6 6LB, next Sunday, 21st May.



The School grounds has ample car parking space, excellent toilets facilities, but no catering facilities, so remember to bring any food and drinks you need for the day with you.

Sighters will be at 11:00am.

Members can arrive at the school from 10:00am onwards, to set up their equipment etc.

The distances for the practice session will be set out for both Imperial and Metric rounds.

Help will also be available, on the day, for anyone new to clout and needs instruction on what they should be doing.

Junior entry is free, but seniors will be charged £5 each, which will cover you for both the practice session and for the Club Clout Championships, which will also be held at Marple Hall School on Sunday 4th June.


The rounds to be shot at the Club Championships this year will be Metric Clout’s.


Have-a-Go and Open day


Handicap Shoot

The next Club Competition will be the Handicap Shoot, which will take palce on Sunday 7th May. It will be a Double Long Metric II, with morning sighters at 10.00am, and afternoon sighters at 2.00pm. Members can shoot either or both sessions. All members are welcome to attend, and knowing Steve Mayer (Tournament Officer), there will be medals galore to be won.


Corporate Have A Go

The club will be hosting a Corporate Have-a-go on Friday 31st March. Any members who are available and able to help out, either inside with catering or outside with tutoring or setting up the field, can you please add your name to the list on the whiteboard in the club house.

Further information is available from either Paul Carney, who is in charge of outside arrangements, or Kay Simpson, who is in charge of inside arrangements.


Maintenance Weekend

This is being held on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th March. All members are requested to try and help out over the weekend, even if it is just for an hour or two, as there is plenty of essential work to be done, from clearing out and cleaning the club house, the target shed, the field, the carpark and various other tasks as per the maintenance list, which is displayed in the club house.

If you are unable to help on this particular weekend please see Terry, as you maybe able to do some tasks on another occasion.

Members are not allowed to shoot whilst maintenance is taking place.


Colour Shoot

This will be held at the club this Sunday, 12th March. Sighters will be at 10am. Rounds to be shot are Westerns. All members, both Senior & Junior are welcome to come along and take part. This is a fun shoot and the first one to be held outdoors this season. Home-made soup and cakes will be available, free of charge, at lunch time.

The ground at the moment is very wet and uneven so care needs to be taken when setting up & moving the targets as well as when retrieving arrows that may have missed the boss.

Members are advised to wear footwear that is appropriate for these conditions.

Help will be required for setting up the targets prior to the start of the shoot, members are therefore requested to arrive at about 9am if they are able to help out.


Indoor Championships

The Senior/Junior Indoor Championships will be taking place this Sunday 26th February at Longdendale High School, Spring Street, Hollingworth, Hyde. SK14 8LW.



All members are welcome.

Would members please arrive in plenty of time to set up their equipment and get ready for starting at 10.30am.

Please bear in mind that all the equipment necessary to hold this shoot will be transported from the club that morning and set up in the sports hall. Andy Wardle is coordinating this. Please contact Andy if you are able to help in any way. Help will also be needed to take down all the equipment afterwards and return it all to the club.

If you have any trophies from previous years please return on the day and hand them to Steve Mayer the tournaments officer.


Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held on Sunday 19th February in the club house starting at 1.30pm. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting. Every senior member is entitled to vote on any resolution that is proposed as well as voice any thoughts they might have regarding it.

The round to be shot at the club champs is one of the items that will be decided by popular vote and of course the officers for the committee will also be proposed and voted on.

Committee Positions

*       Chairman

*       Vice chairman

*       Secretary (senior club)

*       Secretary (junior club)

*       Treasurer

*       Records officer (senior)

*       Records officer (junior)

*       Tournament secretary

*       Equipment/maintenance officer

*       Communications & social officer

*       Senior representatives

*       Club captain

*       Child protection officers

*       Junior representative


If you would like to nominate yourself for any of these positions please email the club secretary at, with your application.


Remember, if you don’t attend the meeting to express your point of view and vote, you don’t have a leg to stand on when something is decided you don’t like.



The next committee meeting will be taking place in the club house on Thursday 2nd February starting at 7.30pm. All members are welcome to attend.



The club is holding a post-Christmas party on Sunday 12th February, starting at 4pm. If you would like to come along and enjoy the fun with other like-minded members please add your name to the list on the noticeboard in the club house. All members and their partners as well as junior members and their parents/guardians are welcome.


The party will be held at the Kwei Ping Chinese Restaurant, Norfolk Square, Glossop. There is plenty of parking (free on Sundays) in the Co-op car park on Norfolk Street or the car park on Edward Street, Glossop. Both within a few minutes walking distance of the restaurant. The restaurant is also just a few minutes’ walk from Glossop train station as well.



The meal will consist of a banquet which will cost £12 per person.






Prawn Crackers

Dim Sum Combination (Springs Rolls, Crispy Wun Tuns, Chicken Samosas, Prawn Meat on Toast, Seaweed)


Main Course


Sweet & Sour Combination

Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetables

Beef with Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce

Chicken & Cashew Nuts

Fried Rice




Ice Cream or Tea or Coffee


Special dietary requirements and Vegetarians can be catered for if you send an email to stating your requirements.

English options are also available.


Full payment for the meal needs to be received by Kay Simpson no later than Saturday 11th February.



The next committee meeting will be taking place in the club house on Thursday 5th January starting at 7.30pm. All members are welcome to attend.