Members Are requested to try and shoot a Bray round for the December leagues as we are short on numbers especially from the compound archers.



Hi juniors, I'm so sorry that the last two Saturday morning sessions had to be cancelled. I'm afraid it was unavoidable.


The LAST Junior Session for this year will be this coming Saturday the 17th December.

I intend to make it a Christmas 'Have a Go ' shoot at both periods, indoors and at the Usual 2 session times.


It will be shot “Have-a-Go” style with the “Have-a-Go” Bows and Arrows and at the “Have-a-Go” distance.


There will be 4 Targets


Target 1.           Christmas items

Target 2.           A Darts Face

Target 3.           Rudolph

Target 4.           All Balloons


Leave your Bows at home but bring along your quivers, arm guards & Finger Tabs.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Margaret Shorrock. Junior Club Secretary


Caldy Indoor Results

The results of the Caldy indoor tournament have been received from the organisers and can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

The other link is to Greg Grogan’s online album containing photographs he took during the day.

See you next year,


Caldy Results 2016

Photo Album


Roof Works

This coming weekend, Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th December, work on the club house roof will be taking place to turn a section of it into a Dormer roof instead of the current apex roof. This is to give more height clearance on the shooting line, especially if standing next to the walls.

This means that there will be NO Indoor Shooting allowed while the alterations are taking place.

The Junior Club sessions on Saturday have also cancelled. 


Junior Club – Urgent News

The Junior Club has had to be cancelled on Saturday 3rd December due to Margaret Shorrock being unwell.

The next Junior Club session will be on Saturday 10th December.


Terry – Further Update

Terry is now home after having key hole surgery to release part of his bowel that was being strangled.  He is now happy to receive visitors or telephone calls.

Thank you on behalf of Terry for all the messages wishing him well, these have all now been forwarded to him by email.


Terry – Update

Susan, Terry’s wife, has this morning informed the committee that the blockage in his bowel has been removed and the surgeons seem pleased with how the operation went.  Terry is now sitting out of bed, communicating in hiss normal way and has had something to eat.

Further updates will be posted as and when they become available.

Thank you to all members who have sent their good wishes, these will be passed onto Terry & Susan.


Terry Gregory

Terry's wife Susan has contacted the committee to let us know that he was taken into Tameside Hospital on Saturday night. After a series of scans and tests they discovered what appeared to be a blockage in his bowel. He is being operated upon today (Monday 21st November).

Susan will keep us updated on his progress and recovery, whether there is anything we can do, and when he will be able to receive visitors.

I'm sure you will join me in sending our thoughts and best wishes to them both.


Attempted Break In at Club

The first Members to arrive at the Club this morning found the gate lock smashed off and the gate wide open. There were no obvious signs of entry, but someone had probably tried to get a car in, so the intent was there. We hope they do not return.

A temporary lock has been put in place, which has the same combination as the previous lock. A new permanent lock will replace this in a couple of days.

Will the last Members to leave at night be particularly vigilant and check all doors, windows etc., then check them again - just to make sure.


Outdoor Shooting during the Winter Season

Due to essential maintenance being carried out on the FOAM BOSSES would members use straw bosses outside during the winter months.  However there will be ONE FOAM BOSS available and this will be marked so that members are aware of which one it is for use on lanes 1 - 4, priority must be given to compound archers.


Further guidance will be given when the maintenance has been carried out.


Your co-operation in this matter would be gratefully appreciate.


Beginners Courses

Please note that the Club House will be in use for Beginner Courses on the following dates and times:


·         Monday 31st October           16:30 to 18:30

·         Monday 7th November         18:30 to 21:15

·         Monday 14th November        18:30 to 21:15

·         Monday 21st November        18:30 to 21:15

·         Monday 28th November        18:30 to 21:15


No more courses will be run in 2016 after the completion of this course.

Members will be notified when the 2017 Beginner Courses are to begin.


Special thanks

The committee would like to thank John Mitchell (one of our members) for kindly donating the water heater that we now have installed in the club house kitchen area.  This has made a huge difference to us all and is now used on a daily basis for making brews and of course washing up!!!


Also a big thank you to Steve Wilde (one of our members) who on a twice weekly basis cleans the toilets.  This I know is much appreciated by us all.


Summer League 2016

As many of you will know the summer season is coming to a close for 2016.  This means the end of the Summer League which Andy Wardle has organised.  Andy would like all those who won trophies in 2015 to return them to the club house ASAP so that they can be presented to the 2016 winners.


Corporate Event - Belated Thanks

So used am I for Kay to send out info and courtesies, when our corporate event last week was over, I quickly moved on to something else. May I apologise therefore to all those Members - and family who supported us last Wednesday.


Though support on the Field was a bit tight, we had just enough. If you've got goodun's - that’s all you need! The catering was superb, the quantity, quality and choice really impressed our guests. So a special thanks to Anda for the organisation, her team for the preparation and presentation (and Margaret for the cakes!) - see ... what were you worried about? There was just enough left for Dave LJ's lunch on Thursday.


Everyone on the Field did a magnificent job, from set-up, to instruction, encouragement and shut down. Though us wrinklies were getting a bit weary putting the last targets away!  All our guests - complete novices - had a fabulous time. We did 10 zone scoring at 20 yds. Within the 2.5 hrs available they shot 4 dozen at 3 arrow ends. The 3 top gent’s scores were within 10 points of the winner at 315. The Ladies scores were equally as close. Well done to them, but more importantly well done to the Instructors.


We've had 4 events this year, the first was the free Official Opening in May, and the other 3 have brought in a goodly sum, less catering costs. They make a very significant contribution to the Club's income, keeping fees pretty reasonable and allowing us a few little luxuries - don't ask. So any help you are able to provide at future event will be more than welcome.


Thanks for your support.


Paul C.